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Writing Apps

If you are a regular writer in English, you will be happy to stay in touch with the writing apps as they can assist you to improve the accuracy of the content you have written. There are many apps that can enable to improve the flow of your writing. But, there are few of the listed apps that can check the plagiarism, check English grammar, and improve the flow of your writing. Though how much you over estimate of yourself of your writing, you will see that you are not a perfect writer with the spelling, grammar, and the flow of your written content. If you are interested in seeing the advantages of the latest technologies, you will have to use several apps. Those apps are not like the MS Word Grammar and spelling checking. If you can remember the use of the typical tools like MS Word Grammar and spelling checking tools, they will have to be declared as the typical tools that assisted you in the past. When comparing with the writing apps, those tools are the properties of history as you can check a corrected written document using an app and you will see that there are several faults still left. Here are some of the best five apps that can be used to write your English content in a specified way.


This app has been the leading app for most of the people who do the writing. This app allows you to have a vast range of changes to your writing.  Grammarly is a US based company that lets their customers to use their features to improve the quality. There are many features in that app and it is considered as one of the best writing apps in the internet. The user interface is a simple one that leaves you to start using the app with the processing itself. There are many ways that the app can be installed and it comes as an app for both android, and iOS with its basic features. If you want to extend the margins of the app, you will be able to add it as an extension for the Google Chrome as well. What you need to do to get the full use of the app is to register with your email. After the registration, you will be able to get the access to many features. You can check the grammar flow of the word lot after copy and paste. The app shows the appropriate words to be replaced with the unsuitable words in your document. If you are not happy with the copy-paste thing, you will be able to get into the re-correcting process with upload of the entire document. There are features like showing the faults in your writing in the writing pads in websites like Gmail, Facebook, twitter, and there are many in the list as well. There will be many options like checking the plagiarism, noun replacement if you become a paid member of this writing app. It’s worth becoming a premium member in this app as it is one of the best writing apps.


This is such an app that can be used to turn your writing into a smarter one. The Prowritingaid is considered as one of the smartest writing apps to adjust your writing. It provides more features than any app to customize manuscripts as well. There are lots of features like style creation, summary, transition replacement, and plagiarism check. If you want to check a document you get if it is a copy from the internet, you will be able to check for the plagiarism. The compatibility of the app runs through a vast range and it supports many platforms. If you want to have a quick access to the app, you will have to set up the app on your internet browser as well. The features in the premium version are consisted of No word count, 100% privacy, writers resource library, and editing the words on any word pads. The last feature is helpful to you when you are working with wordpress like apps. These features have turned this app as one of the smartest writing apps.

Ginger Grammar Checker

This is also a writing app that can be used to proofread your document. If you are a beginner to the article writing, this app will assist you to proofread your mistakes. The title of the Ginger Grammar Checker suggests that the app allows you to avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes. The app is available for most of the platforms and the extension for the Google Chrome allows you to have a quick access to the app. The analysis for the document you want is taken to a great depth and the entire document is built with 100% grammar. This is one of the smartest app because it supports plat forms like android, iOS, windows, and MAC. The amazing thing about this app is the ability to install the app on the Android Keyboard. The features can be mentioned as Grammar checker, Sentence rephrase, personal trainer, text reader, dictionary, translation and spell checker.


This is another writing app that can be named as one of the leading writing apps in the app stores.  This app is a word procession app that can be used to edit your draft. Your manuscripts are united by this app to have an impressive look for your document. This is a paid app that has some trial features. The professionalism has been kept safe because of the premium version as well. The corkboard is a feature that can be seen in this app. It is being used as a tool to change the entire look of the document.  The outliner is another tool that can be used for this app to focus on a chapter and the life of the draft is kept alive when using this tool. This feature has made this app one of the significant writing apps in the writing process. There are thousands of templates that can be used as the beginning of chapters as well.  There are features like Full-Screen Writing, Auto-Save and Backups, Write Anywhere, and Set Targets and Watch Your Progress. All these features have made this app one of the most professional writing app in the stores.


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