The Pure App Is the Best for One Hour Stand with Your Phone

pure app

With the approach of the app stores, several apps can be used for online dating. The pure app is such an app introduced by GetPure Inc. There are several uses of this app that can be used for different purposes and there are several advantages in this comparing with the other apps or the matrimonial services. There are several dating services in the world to provide the necessary facilities to the people who require a dating opportunity. Those services or facilities may be provided either online or by the officers who are willing to dedicate their time as well. Though there are many online dating apps or services, the Pure App is pure as it was introduced today. Because its features and options are being updated day by day. Here are some special features you will find in the app.

The Pure app review will mean what you need to know

This app was developed in 2012 by Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko. The pure app is working like all other apps. It’s so easy to understand the functioning and it’s so easy to work with this app. App’s basic function can be started with uploading a photo and one may react that by interesting impression. If there are mutual matches, there will be people seeing your picture. Unlike social media, your location is identified and match with the people in your area. The area is counted within a 999.9km radius. Mutual chats can be conducted if both are interested. This app is not an app for the people who are hoping to find their bride or the groom. The pure app has been introduced to the people who are willing to have a simple joy with pleasure and anyone can spend a few hours in the app and have a great time. After one hour the account has been created, the profile vanishes along with the relationships he/she has developed. Security measures are being taken as the firewalls as well as the very primary but very effective measures like deleting all the data in the servers. These things are very important in a situation like a security breach. Because the fewer data in the servers the less the probability to get access to the intruders. This app cannot be recommended for the people who are looking for a lifelong relationship while this app is perfect for the people who are looking for a mutual emotion sharing partner for an hour. Though you are a married person or not. This app is perfect for you.

100% free for Women Users

This app has been introduced to improve the desires for online chatting and this app is always promoting the contribution of the women as women are considered as the party who is less interested and shy to be a part of these things. So, men have to pay for this dating service while ladies can stay here for free. It’s promoting to show themselves to have a relationship. Though this app is costly for the men, they also have to concentrate on their intention the same as the women. Because both parties intend to have a romantic date in the end.

Self-Destructing Profiles

Some dating apps have an everlasting time for the profiles in their servers which can lead to misuses. The pure app is not recommended for life long relationships. This app is a great app to use once and have fun until the next time you join with another date on the app. So, these self-destructive profile option helps you to leave the burden of the relationship and the more time you stay in a profile the more you will get the attraction to one particular person. Unlike other dating apps, the pure app provides the greatest experience to the users by providing necessary arrangements to have a quick but stable dating experience to the users.

Encryptions for your good

Developers of this app have worked hard to keep the privacy of the people who use to work using the app. Because revealing your hidden identity may cause many problems for you as well. Those may or your family, personality, workplace-related, and anything that can bother you. For example, any social media link, website link, telephone number, and email address like things cannot be shared in the app. Those related things are tracked down and no one is allowed to post those things. The main intention is to save users from the parties who are trying to misuse the app. Also, it’s impossible to decrypt the app as well. App’s servers are well secured with the firewalls and no one can take your private details.

Latest updates you can have from the app

App has been updated with the latest features that a dating app should have. There was an option called “Want to meet me?” It has been removed by the developing team as they had thought it was so silly to keep such an option in a dating app. Also, this app has been introduced for a simple relationship and it is not meant for a situation like a meet ending task. That has been the change of this app and it’s really good it happened that way. As you heard, a profile vanishes from the system after one hour it was created. That feature is still available on the system while another thing has been introduced to the pure app users. After you added a girl’s photo as a liked one, it is not going to vanish from the system even though her profile is erased from the system, you will be able to keep her photo. This is a good thing that happened and there is nothing to worry as another information is neither shared nor retained by the system. This app is being listed as the most popular locations within the app in New York City, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco cities. If you are already a citizen in one of these cities, you will have to use this app if you intend to have some safe private time with your phone and you are assured that it will be a better experience than social media.


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