Select the Best Photo Booth App of These Apps For Your Task

Photo Booth App

If you are looking for the best photo booth app, you will find the best of these apps. There are millions of apps in the app store and the play store to be downloaded and have fun. There are some special apps needed to fulfill special tasks. Here are some of the best rated apps that can be used to get photo booth affects.

Cam wow

Cam wow is a great app to customize your photo with loads of affects. There are many options and frames that you can edit your photo. Not only affects but also you can add several funny affects to your photo in regular color schemes. There are some photo warp affects to be applied for the photos to be applied and you can have fun with those affects too. This app supports both front and back cameras and you can select the best photo from both cameras. There are several filters available to add to your snapped photos. This is available in iPhone app store and you can share the edited photos as soon as you have done the editing. This app is worth giving a trial for sure. This app has earned 4.5 rating in the app store. So that value means a lot as a good photo editing app.


What type of hair have you got? What’s the color of your hair? Are you a blonde? Are you a brunette? What, if you have a tinted hair? This photo booth app is customizable to change the color of your hair. There are plenty of options to check with your hair and it’s so easy to deal with this app. Though this app has got 3.5 rating in the app store, I think this app’s worth than that. You can change the color of your hair and see how it really looks and make changes and find the best match for your hair. You get trimming and all other basic options that an app like this get and you can share the edited photos to social media and let your friends see how your new hair looks like. So this is a best photo booth app among others.


This app is also a best rated photo booth app in iTunes. You get to select a photo  from your gallery or capture a photo from the camera. Then you can see how you or your gallery photo looks like after adding few kgs to your weight.  Most importantly, you are not going to need any internet or Wi-Fi connection to perform these actions. Requiring an internet connection is always a pain to the head and some of the apps are not going to work without an internet connection. Whenever you are going out of the city or going on a trip you won’t have the freedom to feel free to use the app if you don’t have an internet connection.  This app has been  rated as a best app because of this character and it really is worth to be a best app in the iTunes.

Insta Booth

This app is also a top rated app in the iTunes. Like the previous apps, this app has got its own brand and got some significant characteristics. Very first to know of theme is, this app doesn’t require after editing as you ca edit the photo while capturing.  You can either add affects to a gallery photo or add the effects to the camera itself. It’s son convincing as an app as that action can save lots of times and see how the app will work if each affect is applied. There are about 130 filters that can be applied to the camera. Also, you get all the options like trimming, affects, and frames. If you want to share the photo, that’ll be facilitated by this app as well. What you just have to do is to share it with social media.  There are filters like Glamour, Black & White, Sepia, Vintage, Portrait, Scenes, Hues, Sketch, Pop-art and toon to be applied to the images.

Geek Booth

This word always doesn’t mean about the insult.  As this is a fine photo booth app, all can have so much fun together. Those words can be taken as a good way to have fun as well. You will be able to have tons of ways to have fun with this app. This is a highest rated app and it’s all about having fun.  You can add braces to your teeth, spectacles to your eyes, and there are lots of models and colors that can be applied in this app. In addition you can control the intensity of those features very smoothly.  You have got very sensitive detection algorithms to identify face and the expressions of you. After the editing is done, you can share the photos directly via twitter, Facebook, and instagram.  Remember, Geek Booth is not always about the insult. You can make yourself a geek and have tons of fun.


What a hard time you might have spent finding a photo booth app to find the exact matches with your imagination. If you are looking for an app that can be mixed with your old school memories, you will not have to go in search of an old school. You can have lot of such photo booths in this app for free. Al you have got to do is to select the best match for your photo and the app will do the rest.  This is not a regular app to add some fancy affects to your photos. If someone sees those photos without any knowledge that you have created those photos using an app, they will believe that those photos have come directly from a photo booth. Effects of this app are that much realistic.

Plump&Skinny Booth

How much are you working hard to lose your weight and how much are you worrying about your weight? Are you really frustrated of the weight you have got and are you scared to get and share your photos in the social medias?  Then, there is a perfect app for you. What you have to do is to select your preferred figure and give it as a command. The rest of the tasks will be done by the app itself.  Though you are overweight or a skinny one, you will be able to get a 100% perfect photo you have imagined. Not only to capture, but also you will be able to share it on the social media to astonish your friends with this great photo booth app.


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