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Calendly is a software which is used to manage all your assistant things in a good manner and a proper way. It’s in the past the way I tried to send messages, make calls, doing the arrangements, and work on thousands of works. If you wanted to send a message, you would have to get the phone and then proceed to messages, find the name, typing the message, and then send it. If you happen to forward it to many people, you might have to look for the list you were going to forward the message. Those things are literally in history now. If you are looking at a thing that you have never been expecting, this is a great time for you to come out and have a great play with this app. currently, this app is being used by 2,000,000 people around the world which means that several people make their lives easy with this software. This is being one of the best business apps in the world as it can perform a huge workload for your daily tasks. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this app you can have to make easier your life.

Pricing of the software

This software is nothing you can buy for free from the stores as it has been used with many efforts and it’s being used as commercially reasonable software as well. There are 03 basic packages for the software. But, the pricing for each particular package is bearable to you. If you are curious about the functionality of this software, you are allowed to have free use of a trial version and you are allowed to experience all the features for 14 days.  Then after you should pay to have some special features of the Calendly software. Though you were not expecting to be a subscriber, you will make up your mind to be a member after the trial.

Basic Package

You are being allowed Calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud to enhance your experience by adding up the event in a timely frame manner. Also, unlimited events can be arranged in this package to set up meetings, birthdays, scheduled conferences, and many more things that can be added to the list without any barrier. You get to add one type of event only. This will let you decide what kind of user you are and you get to decide what kind of person you are going to be with this app. You are left to have a Personalized Calendly link to manage the event you are going to hold. Sometimes there are some modifications to be made as well as you should make the changes yourself. But, it’s not about this app. With the link feature, not only you but to anyone can make the schedules.

Auto motive events are also informed you via emails. This helps anyone in their time management. You don’t have to spend hundreds, or a thousand messages to inform any update or the cancellation of the event. Once any change is made, the message is forwarded to all the members who should see it. This saves lots of time of you as well as others’. Calendly can be added to your website as a widget, embed, and as a pop-up text. Then you can easily add the members of your event to the list.

Premium Package

This package includes all the features you could have for the free or the basic package and there are some premium options you can use as a member. You have to pay $8 per month and it will be a charge of $96 per year. If you are a professional and you are thinking about your branding you must be working hard about the copyrights as well as other brands in your work. There is nothing you to worry as this package leaves you away from the branding thing of the Calendly and you are free to work with your clients in a world of your brand. Another option you get in this package is pooled membership between members which allows saving the time. Also, you can arrange events to the list and the calendly in any number. There are lots of titles and categories of events and in this package, you are free to add as much as events you need. You can customize your email notifications, show the link to your website for the confirmation of the event, and you are being allowed to have the stats, data, and lots of things you need to know as an organizer. Calendly software is working with the interrogation of more than 700 apps and it’s easy to make triggers in those apps. Also, you are allowed to have live chats with 10 users.

Pro Package

This package charges $12 per month and $144 annually allowing you to get the full use of the software. There are many awesome features like getting SMS notifications to your phone, forwarding the invitee to another web page, adding customization to the software when adding to the website, linking your PayPal account to do the necessary activities, and there is the facility to add google analytics as an interrogation party. All these features are added along with premium package features and basic features.

Calendly review

All the things going on with this app is perfect. This app is well developed and the probabilities for errors are being recovered with the updates you need to install. But, it’s always better to keep away your financial accounts away from this even managing app as Calendly is just an event managing software, not a well secured. It’s always better to subscribe to the premium package which leaves lots of options and features. But. It’s up to you to decide the package according to the budget.

Calendly alternatives

There are lots of event managing software and apps that can replace this software. If you are looking for a change for the interface and the features of the calendly Doodle, Cirrus Insight, Acuity Scheduling,, SmartCloud Connect, TimeTrade, will make you interested.


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