04 of the best workout apps for a healthy living

best workout apps

The technology has been taken into a new dimension with the smart phones and smart devices. The time has changed lots of things with the smart concept. Though it was a word used for the marketing, that word has been used for many positive things as well. There are some things possible to be used smartly and there are some impossible things as well. It is a doubt, if someone can follow the instructions from a phone to shape his body. But, good answers have been found for that questions along with the best results. Here are 04 of the best answers the app developers have found for best workout apps.

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Guidance

This is such a great app if you decide you want to have a healthy life as well as a healthy mind. Though there are many features of other work out apps, there are only key features for this app. But, you will find many features impressive and simple to use.  This app can be used for abs, arms, shoulders and legs. So, you can have a thorough understand with this app if you start working with the app. This is one of the significant features of this app as other work out apps don’t give you such features. You will be able to get many readings for your body parts that have mentioned previously. While most of the apps base on the entire body, Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Guidance app, one of the best workout apps can be used to get readings for each and every important parts of your body. If you are focused on a special part or a routine, this app will impress you a lot. This work out app can be used to get several workout methods. There are many lessons like yoga, practices, positions, and mobility work outs as well. The more you become busier the less you get free time to work out. This app is well aware about such things and you will be able to manage your time precisely with the time you have. There are timely managed work out schedules that are ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Those schedules are usable to any kind of man whoever he is. Though he is a freeman or the busiest man on the earth, he can have his time managed pretty nicely.

Nike Training Club
Download Here Nike Training Club App

Train well

Nike app, one of the best workout apps, is consisted of 03 different levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So, you have got the freedom to select whether you are an expert to this workout thing or you have to begin from the ground level. The Low, Moderate and High intensity can be selected as you like. If you are bored or fed up with low intensity, you will be able to conduct few sessions to do your regular work out sessions. These little things have to be done regularly and under the supervision of an advisor if you are not sure about them. Another thing you need to know about this app is that this app is just a weight reducing app that has very basic features. It cannot be used for other purposes. The options are separated into 02 main categories, time-based and rep-based options.

Easy to use and unlimited things

The things that can be earned from this app is unlimited if you get to the correct path. It is recommended to get the assistance of their athletes to have a proper progress. There are few athletes like Isaiah Thomas, Julie Ertz, Sydney Leroux Dwyer, and Cristiano Ronaldo from whom you can have the basic learning as well as tips for the success. Then you can have Leaner Stronger Abs, a beady always ready for the beach, and a 06 weak lengthy guidance for a lean body. If you are expecting that kind of things, this app will be the one you are looking for.

Work outs

Work-out can be arranged at anytime and anywhere. This is one reason that this app became one of the best best workout apps in the stores. If you are ready to conduct your workout session, there will be many people who can assist you. Staying at home is not a need for this app.  Also, there are many specified people in the club whom you can identify to have the sessions. The more you stay with the team, the more you will be identified by them. The longer you stay, the more people will come for your help and the help from you. This app always stays with you and it measure all the things you do. Even if you are playing basketball, watering plants, or having a walk around the park, any of them can be taken into its attention for sure. All these things can make this, one of the best workout apps and a perfect design for your daily work out sessions.

Nike Premium, best of the best workout apps

Nike premium package can be downloaded for a reasonable price if you want to keep doing your routines with great care. There are some features that can only be seen only on this package. The users have been allowed to get all the premium features after the subscription. That free duration is 07 days long. Then you will have to pay if you want to have those features continuously. With the premium package, you are allowed to have the assistance of the best trainers in the world. Then after you will never be left in the community.  4-6 weeks long training programs are being conducted by the Nike Master Trainers who have guided to lots of people in the world. Not only the physical training but also the nutrition guidance is given to you by them for a better life. All the instructions are provided you with a good understanding about you and your career. Those instructions are directly involving through the processes like Mindset, Recovery, and Sleep as well. The latest updated app contains the best ways to have On-Demand Classes and Whiteboard Workouts with the greatest gym based activities. What you need to do is to have the app downloaded and have a 07 days free trial to see what’s going on with Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Guidance.

Pricing and reviews

This app, a best of the best workout apps can be downloaded for free. As it has been mentioned earlier, you will be able to get a free trial after the subscription. After the free trial period, this app can be downloaded for $14.99 per month. If you are too interested and made up your mind to go a long journey with the Nike, you will be able to get the annual usage for $120. This app has been able to get the attention of the entire workout community all across the world. This app has got 4.2 star rating from the users and it is stated that this app has been downloaded by 10,000,000 people all around the world. That is a good number for one of the best workout apps.

PUMATRAC – Fitness Training, Workouts & Running

This is also one of the best workout apps and another app that can give you plenty of training exercises as well as routines for your physical needs. This is another trusted app on the appstore and playstore. There are extremely inherited features for the users presented by the developers. If your intention is to have a healthy body, you will have to get the full use of the app. Therefore you will have to use the full version of the app as well.  There is a vast range of options to be selected from your daily training to ultimate goal.

PUMATRAC - Fitness Training
Download Here PUMATRAC – Fitness Training App

For any smart watch

It is a well-known fact that this app can be used for any of the smart device. That includes smart watches too.  That is such an advantage that being compatible with watches. This feature doesn’t include in most of the apps.  Unlike them, this app has got the compatibility with the hardware content of any device that can work with Android OS. That is another reason to be the one of the best workout apps in the history.  It can track all your movements as well as it can count most important details of yours as well.  The distance you have travelled, heart pace, elevation, and calories that have burned can be easily monitored using this app. It is always better to be aware that this watch supports most of the features along with the GPS. That is nothing to worry as it is used by most of the best workout apps.

Find your own training sessions

Even if you are well trained, this watch will serve you more things. If you are a trainee to the field, you will be able to learn many things along with this app. The more you train yourself, the more you will get to learn.  The library has got plenty of training sessions to be learnt. There are numerous sessions that are needed to be conducted to be a healthy person.  The work out library allows you to take the sessions as you wish.  Another thing you can have along with this app is the ability to have sessions with athletes. Though how many apps are in the appstore, this features is given by only few of those. You will be able to get the assistance of the professional athletes who have got to their goals. There may be many professionals among them. They can be drivers, cricketers, runners, and more from whom you get the assistance. Then after you will get their coordination along with the supervision. If you want to clarify some points regarding your routine or schedule, you will be able to have them clarified in an instant. It’s always better to know that someone has got your back when doing workouts.

Many workout categories for you

You can be anyone who might be willing to have different types of training sessions with a vast range of workout sessions. This app has facilitated so many features to follow so many work out sessions you like. You can have boxing, ballet, yoga, pilates, and running workouts as the way you are interested. If you have the desire to see the workout of a boxing player, you will be able to see it in this app. The more you work hard, the more you will have to see through this app. If you want to have a mile run, that will be arranged by this app. All these workout effective things will make a proper app in the end. If you want to have a walk with some other person, that will be a possible thing with the app. It will measure all the necessary data as long as you need. You have the ability to finish up with the routine videos as well.  They are insisting that you can have a healthy life with this app. PUMATRAC – Fitness Training, one of the best workout apps can provide you all the things you require in a short time.

Set your own goals

Even though what kind of life style you have, you can set your own targets and a final goal to achieve in the end using this member of the best workout apps. The more you spend time with the app, the more you will be able to set goals of your own. Your first goal can be a proper walk. You will be able to set your goal according to the fitness and other things. If you are already a professional one in the fitness, you also will have something to do using the app. PUMATRAC is insisting that they are after your every step and goal until you make sure you have achieved all of them.

It’s a real thing

There are legends in the field and you might not know that some legends are in your area also. There are some events as well as community programs to be conducted. If you stay with the app, you will notice that all of them are connected and you also can be a part among them. You will be able to take part in the events organized to group runs and find the offers. It’s always good to feel a live experience from an app you use. If you are disappointed of your tiny schedules, these events will be the best opportunity to understand that you are not the only person who has lots of targets. You always can start smaller than others and finish better than everybody. Though how many best workout apps are in the field, this feature is a key thing for this app.

Social feed is the best way to share your progress

The more you work hard the more you will earn as the progress. There is a feedback system that you can share your daily progress with others. These motivational things can raise up to a higher position than you were. You can share your runs in the circle and that will be a tiny competition among each other. It’s always better to have a competition for any kind of task as it can take you to a higher position indeed. But you should know that turning on the GPS can rapidly kill your battery life. It’s nothing to be worried as most of the best workout apps do that.


Though how many best workout apps are in the appstore, this app has been one of the most popular apps in the field. Though there are several apps that can serve similar services, this app has been significant in some other ways. As an example, the scheduling of your task is exposed to a finer way. PUMATRAC app has been able to reach 4.6 star rating out of five from a total of almost 8000 reviews. Most of the comments have stated that the community is a best place to share the experience of each other. If you intend to download the app or have minor bugs, you will be able to miss them in their latest updated version that released on January 8, 2020.

Adidas Training By Runtastic – Fitness Workouts, Another Of The Best Workout Apps Family

This app is considered as one of the best workout apps. There are many reasons behind that. Vast range of training plans, planning the sessions by yourself, community, compatibility, and many reasons are behind the secret of the popularity. One of the reasons for the popularity is the speed and the ease of use of the app. It has got an impressive user friendly interface which can be understood pretty easily. Even though you are an expert or a beginner, you will find a good plan for yourself. This app has got a positive rating in all format of the stores. If it is mentioned that it has got the highest popularity, that will not be an exaggeration. If you find just few minutes for this app, Adidas will take you to the highest place it can.

Adidas Training By Runtastic
Download adidas Running by Runtastic App

7 minutes are all you need

Among the best workout apps, this app has been able to do many things in just few minutes. Even though how busy you are or what kind of tasks you are doing in day today life, it won’t be impossible to find few minutes. Finding few minutes is not an impossible thing even though you are the busiest person in the world. There is a special feature to do your workouts in just 07 minutes. That’s the best place to begin the long journey. If you are thinking whether you need a gym or special equipment, you will be pleased to know that you can start the process without them.  It will not be a factor even though you are not at home or you don’t have a gym. What you just need is 07 minutes. Daily routine can be conducted in that few minutes.  Adidas personal training app will train you as the personal assistant you have.

Different workouts to bodyweight

There are lots of methods to build up your body. What you need to do is to follow a proper way to workout. After 2,3,4,5 workout programs, you will be able to reduce your weight. If you can find out the time, this app will do it better than a personal trainer for sure. Even if your intention is a different thing rather than losing the body weight, this app will do it in a regular way.  If you don’t have an idea about the way to do the workout, this app will give you a basic understanding about that too. The most important thing regarding this app is the availability of this app is to contain different workout schedules for different parts. There are different schedules for your abs, wings, muscles, thighs, and butts just as the way you want. This is another reason to be one of the best workout apps for users.

HD Videos for you

Videos can be considered as the best source to learn. There are so many learners in the world. They can either use a trainer or video. Though a physical trainer can teach lots of things, it’s always better to understand using videos. Repeated watch of a video can make you an expert of the field. There are almost 200 videos for the people who wish to follow a regular workout. If you want to become a expert from the very beginning, this app will be the best to use. The videos have been produced in HD format. So, you won’t have anything to complain about the quality as well.  It’s good to you know that each and every video has been created using workouts. So, you can start watching the videos as soon as you have this one of the best workout apps.

Combine the app

As you already know this app is one of the best workout apps that you can use to build up your workout. You have to start working from zero to the ultimate legend with this app. But, any of the apps should be able to work under different Oss. It will be a pleasure you to know that this app is compatible with the WearOS as well. All you need is to have a device.  You must have the mobile device installed. It can track all your activities as well as it will give you the numbers of any thing as a perfect design. Another impressive thing regarding this app is the ability to join with the community. You can be a member once you have the app in control.  The community is one of the best place where you can share your problems as well the experience over the app. Then you will learn many things regarding the workout sessions. Another better thing to do with the app is having the premium membership activated. All you need to do is to pay some money. Then after you will be able to use premium features like adidas Training and adidas running. It is always free to download the app and have some basic features. If your key targets are to have a healthy body, these features will be sufficient enough. But, the more your targets get complicated, the more you will need the premium features.

Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight & Mindset

This app is one of the best workout apps that can be used to improve your healthiness. This app is a better app than other regular apps in many reason. This app doesn’t need to have any particular time, place, or a specified equipment. What you need to have is the app installed on the device. This app has got a special feature or a characteristic, the ability to lose weight, grow muscles, and get fit. Unlike other physical training apps, this app can do something much better than losing the weight. This app helps you to find your way in good and healthy habits while most of the other trainer apps go after lose the weight method. It doesn’t matter how least experienced you are. The thing this app concerns is the way you end the race.

Freeletics Training Coach
Download Here Freeletics Training Coach App

Why so Freeletics?

If you are wondering any reason to use this app, you will find not just one but many.

Numbers is the main concern

This app can track all your activities as well as the things you need to do. As long as you stay connected, this app will give you the detailed description regarding the measures.  You have the freedom to manage all the things you have according to your life style. Even if you have a busier life style, you will have to spend only few minutes at the very beginning. Then the app will do the rest. It will get you the best workouts to have.

Don’t ever pay

Your fitness is the most precious thing you can get from this app. All you can do is to have a healthy body. This app can be downloaded for free and all the features are also for free. So, you don’t need to expend money unnecessarily for the physical trainers as well as the trainers in the other corner of the world.  With Freeletics app, you can have your own gym. All you should have is your body and your phone.


The community is the best place to have few words about the new things. It is the best place to share your experience as well as your problems. Since you are not one of the best physical trainers in the world, you will have lots of things to share with others. The members will respond to your questions in an instant as there are over 40 million users in the community. Also you have the ability to subscribe for the Freeletics newsletter and get tips from the greatest personalities all around the world.


This app has been downloaded by more than 20 million users all around the world. It has been able to get a 4.1 star review out of 5. That review has been counted from a total of 164,000 reviews. When considering other apps, this is a great value for a physical training app. So, this app is the best way to begin your healthy life for free.  It is always better to be with one of the best workout apps in the web stores.


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