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best free vpn reddit

The best free VPN Reddit is considered one of the best sites where you can download the best VPN apps for free. VPN is not anything strange to the people who use the internet. Surfing a site that has been restricted in your region, adding some traffic, or hiding your IP address can easily be done using a VPN app. Though there are plenty of apps at present, free VPN apps are a bit hard to find. There are positive as well as negative feedback on these kinds of apps as it is hard to find the best app in the app stores for free.  If you have to pay some extra money, you will be able to get the full use of the app. There are other matters like download and upload speed too. If you have already experienced a VPN app, you might already know that both speed levels get low in the VPN mode.  Here are the best free VPN Reddit suggested apps that can be set up on your device. They can be considered as the best in the market that leaves you to have the full use of the apps though you are going to get them for free and for a reasonable price.

Hotspot Shield

This app is said to be the best app at present and it has won the award for the best VPN speed as well. There are amazingly impressive features as well. All the content on your device can be entered using this cool app and it can be downloaded for free. The app has been tested at ZDnet, TechRadar, PCWorld, and Comparitech that are considered as experts in the field. There are other features like providing the ability to hide your privacy with fake IP addresses. The most important thing regarding this app is the capability to get connected to the servers in an instant. This app has been downloaded from the AppStore and the play store by over a million customers and those stats will tell you the reliability of the app. Another cool thing about this app is the availability of all kinds of platforms like iOS, Windows, MAC OS, Linux, and Android. All these features together have made this as one of the best free VPN Reddit recommended apps in the stores.


The tunnelbear free VPN app is also such a nice app for your phone that can give you premium options for free. This app is being used by millions of users all around the world to hide their identity and surf the internet without being appeared. The tunnelbear app is supporting almost all operating systems like Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. One of the impressive features of this app is the ability to install and then surf. It is so easy to use. Unlike other best free VPN Reddit recommended apps, this app doesn’t have overdosed options. This app allows you to keep your data safe from hackers and even the wi-fi connected in-secure lines. Also, the Tunnelbear app is the best app to surf the global content without any restrictions. If there is a website in the world, you will be able to get access using this app for free. Your location can be replaced by a virtual location to get access to the sites that have been forbidden by your government. This app has another feature that blocks the network providers to see what you are doing online. Your privacy can be kept secure using this app. That is why this app has been the best free VPN Reddit app at present.


This is another app that can be downloaded from the internet. There are premium options that cannot be obtained for free. If you have surfed the internet for free using a free VPN app, this app will give you a different experience for sure. Some features cannot be seen from an app available on all app stores.  This app has over 30000+ servers all around the world to facilitate your web surfing experience to be a better one. ExpressVPN has the latest, modern, and most secured encryption methods to save your data. That is why this app has been the best free VPN Reddit app at present. Eventually, a fast and stable connection is not hard to dream thanks to this app as there are plenty of servers that can be used at any time to speed up your connection. It can almost provide you the speed that your network provider lets you have. Unlike other free apps, this ExpressVPN app has got no bandwidth limit as the developers are always trying to provide you the best speed they can. Also, there is no need to limit your speed as there are plenty of servers that can accelerate others’ speed.  Another most important thing is, not having to leave any history log or browsing log. As this is a paid app, you will be able to get the assistance 24/7 online as a chat service.


This app is the best app recommended by the best free VPN Reddit as a top app in the world. It is said that the CyberGhost app has almost 6000 servers in 90 countries in the world and they are assisting to have a great internet surfing experience for your devices. There are apps in all the major platforms and this app has been introduced as extensions for the browsers as well.  If there is anything to clarify or complain, you will be able to log in to the customer support chat room and get a solution within a few minutes. As a paid app this app has got plenty of features to make you fulfilled in internet surfing. You will get a 45 day-moneyback guarantee if you are not happy about the Cyberghost VPN app. CyberGhost app has the features to hide your browsing data even in the router mode and that will be a different experience for you indeed. All these things together have made this app as the best free VPN Reddit app in the world.


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