Best Fire Emblem Game of the Lot That Can Replace the Others

best fire emblem game

The best fire emblem game was the one released by the Intelligent in 2012. It was brought to the gaming industry by the Nintendo games. This game was limited to the North American region like all other games. The ability to play this fantasy game was restricted to gamers all around the world. That was the worst situation for gamers as the game was becoming more and more popular day by day. There were lots of negative things to the gamers who loved playing fantasy games as the game came as a franchise. The situation got worse than the previous version and the same result occurred when playing the latest versions. The best Fire Emblem game consisted of 16 main games and 03 spin-offs. If you are already a fan of this franchise, you will be pleased to know that there are many versions available for this game. Yes, now you can play this game where ever you are now. Like all other games on websites, there are several similar games available to download and play. But, the best Fire Emblem game is still the legend.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube)

This is one of the best games on the list and you will be able to play the game in a similar environment as well. The game is based on both storytelling and combat. You will have to play the game through Radiance and that will be the choice you have to play. The theme in this game is similar to dark-themed games and you can see a similar gaming mode to Japanese games. You will have to play a tactical game if you want to make the path through.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch)

This is also the best fire emblem game released to the stores. If you want a game where you can both play combat and tactical missions together, this will be your choice. There is also the nature of Harry Potter similar themes and you will always have to play in a monastery. But, the developers have always tried to keep the game flowing in a similar flow to the first Fire Emblem game. One of the fantastic features of the franchise is the storytelling that has not been included even in this game. You will be able to recruit students and train them too. If you start the game as a beginner, you will be sent to the bottom level and the more you play the game the more your level will be up.

 Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

This game is considered as the sacred game that prevented the franchise from being canceled as the theme and the features of this game are amazingly embracing.  So, this is the best Fire Emblem game that you had been looking for. If you are entering this game as a newcomer, this game will have to be the best thing to enter the franchise as the story starts from here. If you want to play joint missions, this will be the best game for that too. You can join allies to play the game in a group atmosphere. The difficulty level is also on a moderate level. The vast range of characters is made of different qualities and it can be stated that most of them are a bit humorous. If you think this as just an ordinary combat game in a medieval age, the tactics you need to play will prove you are wrong.

 Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Game Boy Advance)

The best Fire Emblem game after the 2003 game. This game is being the best fire emblem game because of many reasons. The graphics have been designed similar to the 2003 game and if you are a fan of the older game, this graphic will take you there eventually. The storyline also flows through a similar theme and the balance of the game between the combat and the tactics is in a good state. One thing that differs this game from the other versions is the master characters that can destruct you in an instant. If you don’t get smarter, you will have to suffer for sure.

Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance)

This is a prequel to the 2004 game and it was not released in North America. This game consists of similar characters on the regular platform. If you are a fan of the Real Emblem franchise, this must be one of the selections. This is the best real Emblem game from the franchise as the storyline begins from here. The graphics have been created similar to the 2003 game and they are somewhat fine. If you are a die-hard fan of the franchise, nothing will be wrong with the graphics at all.

Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)

This is not the best game of the franchise as this can be called the best game of the franchise. The graphics are fun in the best condition and the game has to be navigated by your expertise in tactics. You will be turned into a dragon and many power-ups will be with you. If you are a classic game player of the franchise, you will not be a fan of this game as the theme has been set to a modern level. Though that is a change that has been made by the developers, it has been able to rais this game into a new level for sure. You will have to play continuous battles to go and make way to the finish. If it is difficult to play this game, ally’s option will make the way easier.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii)

This is also the best Fire Emblem game that has made the entire franchise a better series. All you have to do is to continue the game with the tactics as well as combats. The graphics for the game is in a good standard. The characters are similar to the previous versions and the actions are similar to them as well. Many casual players are involved to play this game and you will be able to get the assistance of allies. Some people have named this game as a brutal game to play as the difficulty level is too high to play.


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