The Best Caller Id App on the Appstore

Best Caller Id App

If someone has called you from an unknown number, the discomfort you feel is unspeakable without the best caller app on your phone. Even if that calling person knows you if you can’t remember his name, that will be a real misery for sure. It’s not always about the call nuisance. You might have replaced your older phone with a new phone or the previous phone is missing. Then you are taking the best option of having a new phone. So, you cannot set up all the contacts on the new phone without proper knowledge. That is such an occasion where you can feel lost. The best solution you can take for this kind of problem is to set up a caller identifiable app on the phone. So, you won’t have to worry if you know the caller. Simply, the display will tell you who is calling you. What you need is a proper internet connection. The rest will be done by the app. The best caller ID app on all platforms is the true caller. Its database has helped so many people to identify trillions of unknown callers. The features of that particular app have made the Truecaller app one of the best apps in the AppStore.

The true caller app

Almost 250 million people are already trusting this app because of the features and the database with identified contacts. If you are looking for an app that can identify the caller, this must be your first choice. Even though there were not so many features in the previous versions, their latest version has got so many features.

Smart Messaging

You can use the true caller app as a messaging app also. It is one reason that this app being the best caller ID app in the app stores.  You get so many features for this app and this is considered as one of the major features in the true caller app. You can either chat with your family members or friends with this feature. If you receive any message from an unknown person, this app will identify all the details about that person. So, you don’t have to worry about the anonymous messages. As you know, there are lots of telemarketers who send their texts to expand their business. Sometimes even your service provider sends messages to promote its packages. This app has been designed to identify those marketing messages as well as spam messages from nuisance senders. So, you will never see one of them as they are being blocked by this feature.

Powerful Dialler

This is such a feature that this app has been made into the best caller ID app in the AppStore. This powerful feature can identify spam callers as well as unknown callers with their name and the origin. This app has got a list of spammer callers in the region at the current time and it lets you know if the caller is someone that has been labeled as a spammer. Also, the latest app has included a feature to u=identify the people who have viewed your profu=ile as well. It is another better thing in the best caller ID app. 30 contacts can be requested for this app per month and this will be a fair amount if you are a regular user with the app. If you want that facility you will have to be a premium user as well. You will be able to save all the history as well as contacts. If it is legal to record the calls in your region or country, that facility will also be available for you. Two packages can be applied to your account as well. Those 02 packages contain plus features than the ordinary package.

The best caller ID apps other than Truecaller

The true caller app is the best caller ID app at present. There may be more preferences for a person and dislikes regarding them. If you are wondering if there is any other app that can get the full benefits of the true caller. You will find these 04 apps useful if you are tired of truecaller and its identity exposing procedure.

Showcaller: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker

This app has been downloaded by over 200,000 users all around the world. This app has earned a 4.4 stars rating as well. The best thing regarding the app is simplicity. It doesn’t have so many features that can confuse you. It just provides you the name of the caller and that’s it. The most important thing about this app is the ability to work offline. This feature has added lots of values as well. Though this app is not the best caller ID app, it’s worth to give a try.

Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App

This app is presented by Gogolook developers and this app is rich with similar features that the truecaller app has. Though this app is not the best caller ID app in the AppStore, you will be able to feel free to use some of the similar features. This app has been rewarded as the best app in the Google Playstore for several years. This app can identify unknown callers as well as block them using the app. Also, you can add a contact to the spam list and that is another positive thing in this app. There are some paid versions for this app also. That will cost some money as well.

Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

This is another best caller ID app on the AppStore that can be downloaded for free. This app also maintains a database in their servers and lets you know if the number is a known app to their servers. There is also a data collection method and you are exposed to the internet eventually. One of the best features of this app is the ability to save you from viruses. All those features work on an integrated platform and will provide you a reliable service in the end.

 Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

This app can also be downloaded for free and there are over 63000 users on the player. This app is being used by almost 100000 users all around the globe. The average rating for this app is 4.3 stars. That is a quite good value for an app. There are facilities like Caller ID, caller block, all Caller ID & Call Blocker info, Caller ID & Call Blocker Location Tracker, Fake call, and themes.


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